buying gold

Buying in game currency has never been easier!

Just follow this guide and if in doubt feel free to chat with our friendly support.

Once your registration is complete and your phone number is verified please fill in your billing info via the ‘My Account’ page.

 To avoid unnecessary delay with your payment processing please make sure that your billing information matches one on your payment processor.

Now you are all set and making a purchase is a simple matter.

Select the game you wish to buy gold for:


Then on the next page choose the server you’re playing on and your faction(in some games faction doesn’t matter), fill in the gold amount and character name you wish the gold delivered to:



When you are ready you can proceed to the checkout page by clicking the buy now button:


Select your preferred payment method


There are several payment methods available:
Skrill - Pay via your Skrill balance
Direct Credit/Debit Card Payment - You can pay via any of the supported credit/debit cards. Our payment processor is Skrill - worldwide leader in safe and easy online payments.
PayPal - Pay using your PayPal balance or Credit/Debit card attached to your PayPal account. Please keep in mind that PayPal payments are still in beta so it is not enabled for the first time customers. Chat with our support via Skype or live chat to enable this payment option.

Store Credit - You can top up your store credit in advance, then later pay immediately for your orders.


Finally click the ‘Secure checkout’ button and complete the payment.






Payment will be verified and an

order will be created. Our staff will immediately start gathering currency for your order.



After gold will be collected you will receive an email notification, please specify whether you are available to log in to the game on the order page.


Log in to the game and wait for our staff character or alternatively wait for an email with currency to come.



That’s it, enjoy your cleverly earned currency, we’re looking forward to your next order!